Netra Raj Bajracharya
Yogini Mandala
Barahi Yogini Mandal Aakash Yogini
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Netra Raj Bajracharya
Netra Raj Bajracharya Netra Raj Bajracharya
Netra Raj Bajracharya, the Artist, who has skilled hand in paintings, is also the father of Kumari, the living Goddess of Patan, Nepal. Though he has difficulty in speaking, he has mastered in paintings early in his life. He is the resident of Gabahal, Patan. 
Professionally, the artist is very busy with ordered work of Mandala. His pieces of art are sold even before finished, causing in the lack of samples of his work. The photos shown above are his unfinished work, that he is working on. Thus it was possible taking the photos.
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